A Busy Week!

It’s been quite a week here!  Summer-like temperatures are upon us and we’ve been taking full advantage of that.  The owner of the house we are staying in was visiting and moving items into the house.  Her oldest son came from California to help move some bookshelves and brought along a table-top, hand-crank washing tank.  We thought we’d give it a spin (pun intended)!  It was a lot of work with washing, 2 rinses, wringing out the clothes, and hanging them dry (all for 6 items)!  But, it was fun on a warm sunny day.



Oden is so sweet to his friend.  She told me they were playing “princesses”.  Both Skye and Oden have been known to give her fashion advice when asked and they made her beautiful jewelry for her birthday.


In an effort to contain the mutiny, I got out paint supplies, big paper, and rocks.  This entertained the kids and their neighbor friends for at least 10 minutes!


Thank goodness for grown-up neighbors that enjoy playing with the kids.  Skye and Oden often challenge Ray to games of chess.  This was our first outdoor game.

The pond here at EcoVillage is going to be one of our greatest resources and favorite place to spend time.  Can you see Skye?


How about now?


The boys love to swim.  It’s not quite warm enough for me but after the initial shrieks they seem to forget that the water is still cold!


The best reward for braving the cold water is making it to the island!


We’ve been swimming at least three times this week and each experience is different.  Sometimes you dance on a rock.


Sometimes you don’t.


And then there is the pond life!  We actually have three ponds at EcoVillage and the peepers and toads are making quite a sound at night.  It’s lovely to listen to the peepers until the toads start their mating trill.  A friend collected this Tree Frog from his house:


And this one appeared on our front porch.


Not to be outdone, this toad decided to pay us a visit.  He scared the heck out of me when I opened the door and Luna, our cat, thought he was hiss-worthy.


With the nice weather, a few Friday nights in our neighborhood have turned out to be quite relaxing with dinner outside and friends wandering over to join us.  The kids love the laid-back time too.


Of course, living where we do allows us the ease of visiting with family.  This weekend took us to a special tea fundraiser.  My mom’s table was “teas from around the world”.


Dressing up was required, so I took the opportunity to wear my corset again.  I think it’s good for my posture (but maybe not for my internal organs!).


While we visited the grandparents, we also got to see the newest cousin, Violet.


And, just in case you think the week was all play, here is evidence it wasn’t.  Jim is giving Skye a quick lesson in golf before putting the clubs in the rummage sale pile.  No space for golf clubs in a small house!