Losing weight. Again.

Last week I achieved a 20-pound mile marker.  That’s 20 pounds lost in the past 14 months that I have been doing Weight Watchers. The story starts well before last year, though.  Way back in July of 2002 I began my weight-loss journey with Weight Watchers at-work program.  It took me until March of 2003, … [Read more…]

A Busy Week!

It’s been quite a week here!  Summer-like temperatures are upon us and we’ve been taking full advantage of that.  The owner of the house we are staying in was visiting and moving items into the house.  Her oldest son came from California to help move some bookshelves and brought along a table-top, hand-crank washing tank.  … [Read more…]

Clutter Bootcamp: Mom’s Attic

I can’t believe it finally happened.  I got most of the way through my crap in my mother’s attic.  It was much easier to focus on really old stuff rather than the current stuff in her basement!  There was a lot that I could immediately toss but a lot more that I had to go … [Read more…]