Jim to China September 2016

In September 2016 I went to China to meet with librarians from the Chinese Academy of Science and from various universities in China. I presented an overview of arXiv.org and met with the Chinese arXiv user group to discuss their needs and plans. I enjoyed learning about initiatives the Chinese are working on as well … [Read more…]

A neighborhood is shaping up!

This past week has proven fruitful in the TREE neighborhood.  The long-awaited “good” weather has come which has allowed site work to be done in preparation for the houses in the “South Row” to obtain their Certificates of Occupancy.  This means there will be new neighbors moving into TREE very soon!

September 10, 2012

Today was our first day of “school” for the year.  It went fairly well. We started our day by “walking to school”.  I thought it was a brilliant idea to help us get into a different mindset.  I realized that kids who go to school outside the home have the benefit of transition and even … [Read more…]