Losing weight. Again.

Last week I achieved a 20-pound mile marker.  That’s 20 pounds lost in the past 14 months that I have been doing Weight Watchers. The story starts well before last year, though.  Way back in July of 2002 I began my weight-loss journey with Weight Watchers at-work program.  It took me until March of 2003, 9 months, to lose 17 pounds and reach my goal of 136. I have no recollection of how long I kept to that weight, but I do know I had gained some back by October of 2003.

committment gram mom

Aubrie, 2003, Commitment Ceremony, with Grandma June and Mom, 143?? pounds

From there it was a gradual gain up until I was pregnant with Skye in January 2005.

summer 04

Aubrie, Summer 2004, with Jim, Mom, and Everett

After he was born, breastfeeding made it super easy to lose weight and pumping milk for a friend’s baby made it a breeze.  I lost so much weight that I was fitting into size 4 pants!  I was regularly a 10 in high school (whatever a 10 was back in the early to mid 90’s; it seems like sizes have shifted since then).  I didn’t have much time to gain weight before I was pregnant with Oden in early 2007.  Of course, I thought I’d repeat my dramatic weight-loss post-pregnancy with this kid, but no.


Aubrie, Feb. 2007, super skinny, with Dad and baby Skye

Since 2007, I have continued to gain weight and even gone back to Weight Watchers a few times.  In 2011, when I went back, I was 6 pounds heavier than when I had started those at-work meetings in 2002.  My commitment to being healthier was thwarted by everyday life and then by a long process of deciding to move back to NY, moving back to NY, and then settling into this new life.

By the spring of 2013, when I re-joined Weight Watchers, I was 23 pounds above my starting weight in 2002.


Aubrie, March 2013, 176 pounds, and really bad hair.

It’s so easy to gain and so hard to lose!  But, now that I have slowly lost 20 pounds I am feeling more confident that I can continue to lose weight.  Probably I won’t lose another 20 pounds to put me at my old goal weight; that seems too low for me now.  Setting goals is something new for me; being patient with those goals is hard.  Right now, I’d like to get to 150-pounds, another 6 pounds to lose.  Once I am there, then I plan to set another goal until I am where I feel comfortable and healthy.  I am thinking a size 8 pants, whatever weight that is.

With this much weight lost, one would think that it would be noticeable.  I know people that are not me have noticed and commented on it.  I had Skye take my picture last Wednesday so I could compare it to a picture of me from March 2013.  But, when I look at these two photos I don’t see much difference.  Do you?  Still, we proceed with that small goal to lose 6 more pounds!

Aubrie, May 2014, 156 pounds.

Aubrie, May 2014, 156 pounds.