Bootcamp Day 6: Shoes

Today was declutter your shoe collection day.  I am no Imelda Marcos (who had 1060 pairs of shoes).  In fact, I feel like I never have the “right” shoes or shoes I really like.  I am very impatient and after a lifetime of shoe stores never having my size, I recently have ended up buying … [Read more…]

Bootcamp Day 5: Socks, Undies, and PJs

Sorry, folks, there will be no pictures for this post.  Not because I don’t want you to see my socks, undies, or PJs, but because they are just not interesting.  Not interesting in a large pile on my bed; not interesting neatly stacked in give/keep piles; not interesting nestled into my dresser drawers.  I know … [Read more…]

Bootcamp Day 4: Personal Care Products

Yesterday I tackled the bathroom personal care supplies.  I have to say that while this was helpful and encouraging, it was also a pain in the tushie!  Gathering all the stuff out of the bathroom and carting it to the table was probably a waste of time, but at least you have pictures!  You’re not … [Read more…]