Bootcamp Day 3: The Junk Drawer

Day 3 of Bootcamp tackles the Junk Drawer.  This is sort of a strange concept for me as we’ve never really had a junk drawer.  Growing up, I don’t recall having one either.  I think for us, the fact that we always have so MUCH junk and so FEW drawers, we’ve never had a drawer to … [Read more…]

Bootcamp Day 2: Music

Well, I am technically one day behind already, but that’s okay.  It was worth it to get to spend some time with Jim’s family celebrating his sister’s 29th birthday. After getting back from our visit I got down to working on Day 2.  Day 2 is the start of decluttering your music collection.  The 30-Day … [Read more…]

Bootcamp Day 1: The Master Plan

Today was the first day of the 30-Day Clutter Bootcamp.  It was really just writing down and thinking through my plan for decluttering.  I had planned to try to start this ahead of time, but did not get a chance to do so.  No big deal.  Today was easy and in fact, I had sort … [Read more…]