I’m going to bootcamp!

Clutter Bootcamp, that is! By the end of this coming summer (and hopefully much sooner), our family will be moving into a small home at EcoVillage in Ithaca, NY.  We are part of the third neighborhood, TREE, that is currently under construction.  Moving from an 1800-square foot home to an 800-square foot apartment has been challenging, but not … [Read more…]

September 10, 2012

Today was our first day of “school” for the year.  It went fairly well. We started our day by “walking to school”.  I thought it was a brilliant idea to help us get into a different mindset.  I realized that kids who go to school outside the home have the benefit of transition and even … [Read more…]

Where did Entwood come from

What is in a Name? Jim’s maiden name is James Aaron Roby-Brantley Aubrie’s is Aubrie Marie Gridley When we got committed (to each other that is, not institutionally) we wanted a family name. Jim already had the hyphenation from combining his Mom’s and Dad’s last names and tried convincing Aubrie to continue hyphenating, bringing in … [Read more…]